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Object & Dawn

Born in New York, flourishing in LA. Object & Dawn exists to deliver bold, powerful, and artistic experiences to its clientele. Our expertly designed and meticulously crafted pieces are unique, handmade and carefully considered. Each piece is modular and extensible allowing for endless personalization. They are made to be worn comfortably for hours in any setting: on the dance floor, walking down the avenue, or the aisle. Our pieces are intended to remain part of your collection for many years to come, always reinvented by your imagination. 

Object & Dawn operates as an atelier in Los Angeles. We source from communities around the world using traditional techniques coupled with the quality intrinsic to a high fashion brand. Our pieces can be found a select stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Milan. See where on our Stockists page. 

Press and Stylist Inquiries: discover (at)
Custom Orders:  Contact Us


The Four Core Values of Object & Dawn: 
Longevity:  Our pieces are designed to empower you to customize and personalize them to suit your identity and creative expression. Modularity is central to our collections as most pieces can be combined with other components or even pieces from your existing jewelry collection. Thus, every piece can be reinvented and reinvigorated for years to come. There are enough disposable fashion and jewelry products in the world. In fact, too many for the world to handle. Object & Dawn will never be a part of that "fast fashion" ecosystem. 

Functional: Our collections are of the highest quality to ensure comfort and wearability. Handcrafted, hand stitched with techniques reserved for luxury fashion, our pieces are adjustable to accent most shapes, sizes, or features. Many components detach for easy transportation and to match your mood or environment. Go ahead and dance with us. 

Collaborative: We connect creative communities to artisans and believe in cross-cultural exchange. Contact us if you have a unique partnership idea. 

Positive Impact: One of our primary goals is to source ethically and globally. We seek partnerships with artisans that will grow their livelihoods and showcase their unique heritage. We believe in cultural appreciation.