Object & Dawn
The Origin Story

Saida Mourdova wearing Artemisia Mesh Top in silver on a balcony in Amsterdam 2023















In February 2016, on the Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam, the concept for luxury, modular, customizable accessories & jewelry was born.

It was a solution to an enduring problem. Why weren't there beautiful, bold and quality accessories & jewelry that could change to fit your environment?
After 20 years in the dynamic lifestyle of New York City, Saida Mouradova knew that a person could be in several different environments in a single day. Each needing a different look or styling. Yet most jewelry was static and rigid. She, and many people like her, needed items that could change with her After exploring many mediums including 3D printing, casting and more, Saida discovered an ancient and unique beading method. Combined with modern design and high quality luxurious materials, the concept became a reality. 

After officially launching the brand Object & Dawn in late 2017, the recognition came fast. Stylists, celebrities and performing artists sought pieces for photo shoots, magazines, music videos, fashion calendars and more. The response was clear and Saida knew she had the beginnings of something special. 

What we create, how and why.

Our production focuses on traditional techniques from artisans around the world married with modern design. The first line is made with brass and glass beads that you see today with exciting new styles always on the horizon.

Our Mission:
Object & Dawn exists to deliver magical, powerful and artistic experiences to its clientele. We seek to give every wearer feelings of empowerment, boldness and connection to craftsmanship that underly every single, handmade piece. 

The Four Core Values of Object & Dawn
Longevity:  Customization is central to our collections as most pieces feature components that can be changed with different colors or other designs to continually refresh the look and style of the original design. We are Anti-Fast Fashion.  There are more than enough companies producing disposable "waste fashion" that end up in landfills. Object & Dawn seeks to achieve heirloom status. We will continue to improve our quality until we know our pieces will be treasured for decades. 

Quality: Our collections are of the highest quality to ensure comfort and wearability. Handcrafted, hand stitched with techniques reserved for luxury, near couture fashion. Our designs are adjustable to fit most shapes, sizes, or features. We have worn our pieces to Burning Man several times. An exceptionally harsh environment that is the perfect test of our accessories and jewelry. 

Diversity in Design: Saida's childhood exposure to many cultures, followed by living in Sweden, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Bali, all influenced the Object & Dawn design aesthetic. This permeates into all that we do at O&D. Our own diverse ethnic backgrounds and deep influence from cultures from all over the world, means we accept and design for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, genders and backgrounds while seeking artisanal 

Positive Impact: One of our core beliefs is to source ethically and globally. We partner with artisans, pay fair wages and provide excellent working conditions. This also helps preserve ancient techniques that are fading from the earth as large scale manufacturing and automation increase.  

Thank you!

We look forward to delighting you and all of our clients with our wearable magic for many years. This isn't just a business or a brand. Object & Dawn is the manifestation of decades of life, learning, failures, triumphs and love. All resulting in the beautiful pieces you find here. We're excited for what's to come and hope you'll join us on the journey.