Object & Dawn
The Origin Story

The concept for Object & Dawn is the culmination of founder Saida Mouradova's life experience. From the scarcity of growing up in the Soviet system, to living in Sweden, Paris and two decades in New York City. After graduating from Parsons, she spent 10 years as a fashion designer producing dozens of collections per year for brands like Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren. But she was never able to create what she wanted. Always constrained by mainstream, corporate mandates and managers that stifled her creativity. Burned out by the "fashion industry machine," she promptly quit with no real plan of what to do next. She spent the next years continuing her fashion blog and running a fashion wholesale business. But the dream to design her own line, true and authentic to herself, never faded. 

Fast forward to January 2016, while on her first proper vacation in over a decade, Saida was visiting the Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam. It was there the concept for luxury, modular, customizable accessories & jewelry came to her.

After living in Brooklyn, NY for nearly 20 years, she was intimately familiar with the dynamic lifestyle there. A person could be at work, then a happy hour, followed by an evening dance party. All environments that might need different looks or accessories. Why couldn't we have beautiful, bold and transformational accessories & jewelry that could change to fit your environment? Yet they must be comfortable enough to wear for hours of walking, dancing and more. After exploring many possibilities including 3D printing, casting and more, Saida discovered an ancient and unique beading method that could meet the wide range for her designs while delivering the wearer a magical experience unlike any other.

Soon after officially launching in mid-2018, the recognition came fast. Stylists, celebrities and performing artists began to request pieces for photo shoots, magazines, music videos, fashion calendars and more. Yet throughout 2019, we continued to invest heavily into improving the the quality and consistency of our pieces. To ensure every piece was worthy of the luxurious caliber that we, and our customers, demand. 

What we create, how and why.

Our production focuses on traditional techniques from artisans around the world married with modern design. The first line is the stainless steel beading you see today with exciting new styles planned for 2021 and beyond.

Our Mission:
Object & Dawn exists to deliver magical, powerful and artistic experiences to its clientele. Our expertly designed and meticulously crafted pieces are unique, handmade and carefully considered. Each piece is modular and extensible allowing for endless personalization. They are made to be worn comfortably for hours in any setting: on the dance floor, walking down the avenue, or the wedding aisle. We put extra attention to quality and craft to ensure your investment in us remains a part of your collection for many years to come. 

The Four Core Values of Object & Dawn
Longevity:  Customization is central to our collections as most pieces can be combined with other components or even pieces from your existing jewelry collection. Thus, every piece can be reinvented for years to come. There are too many disposable "waste fashion and jewelry" products in the world.
Object & Dawn will never be a part of the "fast fashion" ecosystem. 

Quality: Our collections are of the highest quality to ensure comfort and wearability. Handcrafted, hand stitched with techniques reserved for luxury fashion, our pieces are adjustable to accent most shapes, sizes, or features. Many components detach for easy transport and to match your mood or environment. Go ahead and dance. Your O&D piece can handle it! 

Collaboration: Saida grew up in Azerbaijan, a very diverse country that has been inhabited by many civilizations over time. She grew up with exposure to people of many races and ethnicities, learning to appreciate their differences. Having then lived in Sweden, Paris and New York, Saida has always felt more a citizen of the world than of any of the countries she's called home. This experience permeates into all we do at O&D. We believe in cultural appreciation. We accept, and design for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, genders and backgrounds. 

Positive Impact: One of our primary goals is to source ethically and globally. We seek partnerships with artisans that will grow their livelihoods and showcase their unique heritage. Paying a fair wage and striving for the best working conditions while being mindful of local customs and traditions. This helps preserve ancient techniques that are fading from the earth as large scale manufacturing and automation increase.  

Thank you!

We look forward to delighting you and all of our clients with our wearable magic for many years. This isn't just a business or a brand. Object & Dawn is the manifestation of decades of life, learning, failures, triumphs and dreams all resulting in the beautiful pieces within this site. We're excited for what's to come and hope you'll join us on the journey. 

~ Saida and the Object & Dawn Team