Usher's Super Bowl Halftime Show x Object & Dawn

In December we were approached to help outfit supporting performers for Usher's Halftime show at Super Bowl LVIII. An exciting challenge and opportunity. Saida worked furiously from December through January to complete the project. And the results were stunning! 

Contortionists wearing Object & Dawn head bands during Usher's halftime performance at the Super Bowl
Our head bands were modified to produce full head pieces that were secured on contortionists and dancers. The appearance was brief. But our pieces withstood their incredibly acrobatic moves. It was an exciting project to be a part of. With over 129.3 million viewers watching, it set an all time record for viewership. 

Here a breakdancer performs a complete flip and hand springs away wearing a modified Artemisia Mesh Top in Gold and Gold Tassel:   

A breakdancer performs a flip wearing Object & Dawn Artemisia Mesh Top in Gold with Gold Tassel.

Images property of the NFL. 


Click here to watch the performance on YouTube .



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