Caring for Your Object & Dawn Pieces

Our designs are made to go where you go. Parties, weddings, the bedroom. Eventually, your pieces will collect dust, sweat and dirt. Below are 6 tips and a short video to ensure many years of enjoyment. 
  1. No Water. Never submerge in water. Our pieces are moisture resistant. But pools, oceans, waterfalls or showers don't mix!
  2. Dirt and Dust. Use a light brush to remove dirt and dust. We suggest a clean microfiber towel or a soft baby brush similar to this:

  3. Mirrors, use a soft cotton swab. Small baby-sized cotton swabs work best. Gently swab the inside of your mirror accents. Avoid pressing very hard as this may crack the mirror or lodge threads of cotton from the swab in the crevices of the mirror clusters. 
  4. Velvet Lining. For velvet linings that collect sweat from your body, try a soft damp cloth with a very small amount of mild soap. Again, damp, not wet. Dab this against the velvet and leave to air dry or in front of a fan. 
  5. Tassels.  Holding the beaded cap, lightly shake tassels to relax them. If bent or wrinkled, a few seconds of light steam can relax them into new condition. If any threads are frayed or damaged, we suggest removing them. Either clip them close to the beaded cap, or slowly pull the thread until it comes out completely.
  6. Storage. Always store your items in a dry environment. Over time, very humid locations might lead to changes in color.


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