Details Matter! Our Quality OBSESSION

Details Matter!  Our Quality OBSESSION
We obsess over quality. Every item must be beautiful and durable, with some element of customization so you can refresh the look over and over. 
Seen here is The Khutulun Modular Top with Leather Balconette Bra

  • 5,715 individual beads made of 22k gold wash brass and gold glass go into this piece!
  •  Following a meticulous pattern, each bead is threaded by hand with a mixture of high tensile strength wire and nylon cord.

    • Next our artisans sew on velvet lining to ensure comfort. Assembly is finished by hand stitching the beaded top to the leather balconette bra. 

    Remarkably comfortable with four points of adjustability and the leather bra flexes to accommodate different bust sizes. It's both a work of art and an engineering marvel!



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