Jas HAIRBAND Collection

Playful Elegant Luxury

Introducing the most luxurious and fun hairbands ever! 

Pair this beautiful hairband with basics or evening attire and transform into a magical and playful look. Channel your inner feline and prepare to turn heads wherever you go! 

Jas (pronounced "Yaz") is our newest and most fun headwear ever. With all the elegance and beauty that Object & Dawn has become known for. The moment you touch it, you'll say "wow." Easy on, easy off, travels anywhere you go and screams personality. 

Choose from Pearl, Gold, Silver, and Black. 

Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl
Jas Modular Hairband in Pearl

Sexy, cute, gorgeous and "purrfect." All ways customers have described the Jas Hairband.  When you want a statement piece that is just the right amount of "wow" without being "too much," slip this on and transform into your cat persona. 

Impeccably handcrafted, it's balanced and light for hours of wear. Go on, whip those tassels around. Caution! Your friends will want to try it on. Make sure they don't wander off.  


  • 2 removable 11" tassels (28cm)
  • Get more tassel colors and attachments from our Add-Ons Menu


  • All metal hairbands are solid brass plated and coated.
  • Gold color is coated in 22k Gold
  • Pearl Hairband is made from Japanese Faux Pearls of exceptional quality.   
  • All are coated for long lasting shine and protection.
  • Nylon thread tassels. 
  • Durable plastic hairband covered in fabric and lined with velvet


  • Flexible hairband measures 13.75" interior band (35cm) and will fit most head sizes. Contact us if you believe you need a custom size. 
  • 11" (28cm) tassels from cap to end. 
  • 17.3" (44cm) total length from top of cat ears to bottom of tassel. 

Shipping & Returns

  • Free Delivery on Orders $300+
In most cases we deliver hairbands and other smaller items within 4-7 days. Each item is made by hand. No fast fashion here! 
If you have an urgent need such as a party, birthday, etc. send us an email to  We'll do our best to expedite.

Returns or Exchanges
We stand behind our items. This isn't just a business, it's Requests for returns may be made within 14 days of delivery date of an order. Please contact us at and include your order number to inquire. In many cases we can resolve sizing issues or an unlikely broken item without a full return. We triple check all items before shipment so everything should be perfect. If we determine the items must be returned or exchanged, we'll help you do that. We want every Object & Dawn client to be elated and treasure their piece for years to come!

For All Returns:  All items must be in new condition with product tags, free of dirt, debris, sweat, hair, etc. Please consider this prior to trying on for the first time. 

What Our Clients Say

"It's so elegant, yet playful. I love it. I want more of this!" Juliet - Los Angeles

"This is the cutest thing ever."  Nancy - New York City

“I've been a client of Object & Dawn for a few years with several pieces in my closet and there really isn't anything like it on this planet." Candice  - Miami

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Why Object & Dawn Exists

After years as fashion designer in New York for large companies, Saida realized she had a problem. Her accessories and jewelry couldn't keep up! She might be in her office, a happy hour, an evening event, dinner and ultimately a dance floor. But there was no time to go home and change outfits. Why weren't there high quality, jewelry and accessories that could change with your environment? The idea for Object & Dawn was born. Core to our design is that you can change and customize your pieces to fit your mood or setting. Forever. 

Tassels, medallions, chains, etc. can be swapped with other items from our catalog of Add-ons, or from your own collection! Refresh your O&D investment endlessly.  And you can feel good that you're not buying "fast fashion" that ends up in a landfill after a few uses.  We design and produce everything to exceptionally high standards to provide you with years and years of joy. 
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